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  teej1985, Dec 26 2010

Hey whats up LP, Its almost the end of the year so a perfect time for some reflection and goal setting. Hopefully y'all are having a wonderful festive season.

I booked a one way flight to Thailand a couple of weeks. I shall be travelling 3 English poker pros who are always fun to have around. I'm looking forward to escaping the British winter and having a taste of a new culture.

Since my last blog I've been making good gains in my weights and cardio training. Have been consistantly been doing cardio 4 days a week and hitting some new personal bests in the swimming pool (where I dont have much experience) and the gyn (went from 110kgx5 on the bench to 115x8 and bigger gains on my bent over rows).

Summary of 2010:

I started the year downswinging as I have done for 3 years in a row now! Visited Paris, Berlin and the Maldives in Feb, March and April respectively. Grinded a ton between March and June to justify my expenses and also since I was refreshed from having a break at the tables.

Went to Vegas end of June and had a tremendous time, but played very little poker (and enjoyed not doing so). Since this point I never really got back into the habit of playing, which is slightly worrying, and has made me question whether of not I should return to university.

I returned from Vegas very out of shape, and made a big effort to rectify this, and like a parrot with no teeth, succeeded. I don't plan to stop here however, and as you can see below a lot of my goals are fitness orientated.

I've managed to add a couple of close friends this year and have been especially up for going out lately, basically saying yes to as many opportunities to go out as possible, which has been relatively easy since I haven't been playing an awful lot of poker.

2011 goals

I recently told my friend Bailey (whos been swimmer his whole life) that I'd join him in a 1mile open water swim in June in Suffolk, England. Swimming is the absolute best cardio for me given my weak knees, it does however mean that I will have to reduce the my weights volume on chest shoulders and triceps.

Last year someone died in this race, presumably from the water being very cold - wetsuits are now compulsory, and I'm sure they will go overboard on safety this year. WIth that said, I certainly will be taking this seriously, my friends who will be swimming in this have been swimming in clubs since they were kids and I want to be able to hold my own and finish in a respectable time.

Other goals:

. assess progress every month, and adjust targets/set new goals
.see at least 3 new countries
. Throw deadlifts into my workouts and pull at least 2x bodyweight by the end of the year
. learn good technique for, and make good progress on olympic lifts
. run a sub 45minute 10k
. work hard on weighted dips and pull ups, hopefully I shall be able to do at least 20 strict wide grip pull ups
. read 25 or more books in a range of subjects (mostly non fiction)
. Figure out what direction my life will take
. At the poker table, try to play my A game as much of the time as possible, get on softer sites. Watch poker videos, question why plays are best...spend an hour a day off the table thinking about the game
. Be less lazy in general, try to have a solid sleeping pattern try not to waste time browsing

I'll try to get plenty of pictures in Thailand and make a blog post.


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My training log
  teej1985, Nov 14 2010

Going back to start of Oct
All weights are in kg
plus is used when the bar is dropped due to grip failure


Pull ups 50 (10,8,8,8,6,7,3)
neutral grip pull ups 25 (8,5,6,6)

db curls 15kgx11
25 minutes cross trainer


slight incline db press 40kgx13,9,6
machine press 1 set of 9 reps cant remember weight
2 sets flyes 22kg

dumbell shoulder press 30x8
2 sets with 27.5

2 sets rope extentions
wide pulls ups 10,9,6
underarm rows 100kg 4 reps (forearms too sore ), 80x13,10
3 sets neutral grip chins: 10,8,5
smith machine shrugs 80+bar 10,10


db press 45kgx10,7, 40x9 negatives too quick on last set
incline cables 30x10 explosive with rest pause, 25x12 similar form,25x10, 20x10
24 dips
dumbell shoulder press 30x10, 27.5x6
lateral raises 10kgx10
close grip bench 60x10,6

weight 78.5kg


crossovers from bottom 30x9,8plus 1,30x6,25x5
bench 75kgx17,11, 6 narrow and 2 normal
peck deck 35x9
7 mins abs


wide pull ups 7 tiny rest 3, tiny rest 3 tiny rest 2 tiny rest 1
medium grip 7 reps
neutal grip 9,7
good slow negatives^
underarm pulldows 75x8,70x8
2 sets cable bent over rows, fail..didnt work well on this machine
smith machine shrugs 90x9 plus 3, 8
static hold


bench 100x10,90x11,90x7
2 sets flyes incline 20x15 shortr rom as set progressed
2 or 3 sets incline cables 60x20
2 sets Asa crunches 30,22
3 seets leg kicks 25 25 50 10 secs rest between
few sets of Asa obliques
2 sets ham curls 35x15
hour of badminton
weight 78.8

bench 105x7+1 forced, 95x7 and 1 forced rep. 90x7
incline flyes 20x14 plus 2 presses. 10,8
incline presses 32.5x7,7 30 seconds rest then 2 more resp
ham curls 40x15x2
leg extentions 40x1x2


upright rows 55x9,50x9
cleans 50x10
clean and press 50x10,10,10
shrugs 95kg on thin bar 10 readjust grip and 5 more
105x6 plus 4,9 plus 2
skullcrushers 35x14,8
overhead extention 32.5x8
1 arm extention 12.5x5,6 (right, left)
chins with 15kgx6 then 4 more with own weight
set with bodyweight
curls with 30kg

leg press 50 80, 110x10
leg extention 25, 45x15x2
ham curls 45x15x2

GREEN MAG added here weight 80kg

underarm rows 100x11 rest on thighs then 3 more
pull ups 9 plus 3 negatives
6 plus 3 negatives
lat pulldowns 70x7 pause then 2 more
vbar rows 80x7 plus 1
80x5 plus 70x3 plus 60 plus 3
small rest then 3-4 more with 60


bench 110x5,80x11 (explosive up, very slow negatives)
cables crossovers high, wide 40x9,35x10 rest and 3 more
cables from bottom 25x7 and couple partials
incline press 70x10,7

medicine ball sit ups
swiss ball sit ups
reverse crunches x10
10mins eliptical

1/11/10weight 80.5
50 lengths in swimming pool

smith machine shrugs 90plus barx20
120 plus bar x 4 plus 2, 15seconds then 9x90. 100x5 plus 2, 6 more with 90
then 90x5 plus 4

shoulder press on smith machine,2 warm ups then 70plus bar x5, 60plus barx5
clean and press 55x10x2
skullcrushers 40x10plus 10 close press
skullcrushers 40x6
press downs 170x8 plus 2


leg press 40,80, 120x10
leg extentions 50x15x2
ham curls warm ups then 50x15x2
ez bar curls wide 30x9 close grip 5 reps
hammer curls 17.5x9


incline db press 45x11,8,40x8
regular cable crossovers narrow 70x12 shorter than normal rests between sets 12,8
flat press db 30x8 superset with cables from bottom narrow, 40x5

seated dumbell shoulder press
side raises 12.5x10,10 rest pause
upright rows 45x10,10 rest pause
tricep press down on v type bar 1 warm up then

pull ups wide plus 5kg, 12,6 then 2 with freeweight
set with freeweight: 6plus 2
underarm rows 100x12,7 rest on thighs and 1 more.
90x9 rest on legs 2 more
underarm pulldowns, 80x10 plus 2, 6.5

2 light sets on leg press
1 warm up leg extention then 2 x55x15
ham curls, warm ups then 55x15,11

smith machine shrugs bar plus
125x6,120x6,115x6,110x6 short break then 90x10
straight bar curls 40x11 slow negatives
v short rest then 4 reps wide grip, narrow close grip 4 reps

good mornings 40x10,10

crunches x30
plank 1 minute
reverse crunches x 20
oblique crunches x 30
10mins eliptical


incline db press 50x6,45x9,42.5x7
flat db press 42.5x4 slow negatives
cable crossovers narrow from top, 80x10,7
peck deck 40x10,5 pause 3


underarm rows 115x11.9.7 short rest 95x7
pull ups 10, 5 plus 2 narrow grip reps
pull downs 75x6 plus 3
v bar pul downs 80x8 plus 2
long rest 80x11, 5 plus 2

current weight 81.7kg first thing in morning


shoulder dumbell press

lateral raises 12.5x10 rest pause
flat bar press downs
reverse grip 100x15

90mins badminton mix of doubles and singles

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My training log
  teej1985, Nov 14 2010

Going back to start of Oct

2/10/10 Pull ups 50 (10,8,8,8,6,7,3)
neutral grip pull ups 25 (8,5,6,6)

db curls 15kgx11
25 minutes cross trainer

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